Department Of Community Medicine

Department of medicine is taking care for prevention and treatment of all diseases in outdoor and indoor patients. 24 hours emergency facilities are available.

The department identifies social, economical, environmental, biological and emotional aspects of medicine to provide holistic care to the patients. It has some of the most experienced and talented specialists to deal with the entire spectrum of diseases ranging from common cold to critical illness. They have the expertise to perform invasive procedures like pleural aspirations, ascetic fluid aspirations and bone marrow aspirations. The department further strives to attract and grow the best clinicians and lead quality care through innovation and drive research excellence.

Case details, morbidity and mortality data are well documented and medical emergencies are efficiently managed. Generic medicines are prescribed by the physicians as per hospital policy. The department of medicine also regularly organizes rural camps. Faculty members and residents provide counseling and health education to the patient, families and communities.


The mission of our department is to give a holistic approach towards treatment of all patients. It is committed to equity, diversity, professionalism and a philosophy of innovation creativity and continuous quality improvement.


Our vision is to lead and transform internal medicine through innovation in research, education and clinical care.