The department is designed to provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical eye care, which is dedicated to the protection, preservation, enhancement and restoration of vision for all age groups. The hospital is equipped with the latest equipments like Slit lamp, Auto retractometer, Prism bar, Gonioscope, Indirect opthalmoscope to name a few, to detect various eye disorders at an early stage, thus facilitating the best and shortest path to recovery. Our dedicated team of experts treat all ophthalmic conditions in adults and children ranging from epilation for trichiasis, removal of concretions, incision and drainage for lid abscess, lid repair and reconstruction, chalazion incision and curettage, foreign body removal, probing and syringing dermoid cyst excision, pterygium excision, enucleation and evisceration, entropion correction, DCR and DCT, corneo-scleral rupture repair to small incision cataract surgery with PCIOL implantation along with provision of 24 hour urgent and emergency services. Our Optometrists provide routine vision care services, including eye examinations, eye glasses and contact lenses to all patients on a daily basis.

The highly trained and multidisciplinary team of doctors provides individual attention and treats each patient with their needs in mind. We are focused on delivering the best and most safe ophthalmic care with a sole objective to put patient back to their basic lifestyle as early as possible. The department also organizes frequent eye camps for the benefit of the masses.

HOD Contact:-Email:-ophthalmology@alfalahuniversity.edu.in