This program is being introduced with the aim of village outreach program for MBBS students.

Under this program, one diagnostic medical camp in the village is arranges wherein identification of:

a) Anemia, malnutrition in children, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart diseases, kidney diseases, any other local problems may be addressed.

b) If required, patients shall be admitted in the hospital.

c) For chronic illness, students shall be involved.

d) Subsidized treatment charges may be provided under govt. schemes like Ayushman Bharat or welfare schemes.

• Medical student are allocated about 5 families and introduced in the first visit.

• Camps are arranged by Community Medicine department with active involvement of Faculties, social worker and supporting staff.

• Local population is involved with village leaders or Gram Pradhan.

• Annual follow up diagnostic camp continued by the Community Medicine department.

Targets to be achieved by students

1st Professional Year a) Learning communication skills and inspire confidence amongst families
b) Understand the dynamics of rural set-up of that region
c) Screening programs and education about ongoing government sponsored health related programs
d) Learn to analyze the data collected from their families
e) Identify diseases/ ill-health/ malnutrition of allotted families and try to improve the standards
2nd Professional Year a) Inspire active participation of community through families allotted
b) Continue active involvement to become the first doctor /reference point of the family by continued active interaction
c) Start compiling the outcome targets achieved
3rd Professional Year Analysis of their involvement and impact on existing socio-politico-economic dynamics in addition to improvement in health conditions prepare a report to be submitted to department addressing:
1) Improvement in general health
2) Immunization
3) Sanitation
4) De-addiction
5) Whether healthy lifestyles like reading good books, sports/ yoga activities have been inculcated in the house-holds.
6) Improvement in Anemia, tuberculosis control
7) Sanitation awareness
8) Any other issues
9) Role of the student in supporting family during illness/ medical emergency
10) Social responsibility in the form of environment protection programme in form of plantation drive (medicinal ), sanitation drives with the initiative of the medical student