Department of Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy is a fully equipped with highly experienced and dedicated faculty along with the state of art infrastructure and facilities to impart high quality, clinically relevant education in an experiential learning environment..

The Department fulfills all the required criteria for MBBS as per MCI norms. We have modern teaching & learning resources and contemporary research techniques with recent scientific advances to implement teaching programs for undergraduate courses. The innovative teaching and research strategies is to develop self learning habits in students via discussions, seminars, and group activities.

The Department has developed the pattern of study of Human Anatomy in a way as to make it more interesting and useful for clinical aspect with qualified faculty members and well equipped labs, covering all disciplines and subdivisions of anatomy i.e. gross and applied anatomy, neuro anatomy, embryology, histology and genetics.

The museum of the department attracts attention of the visitors as it displays original specimens and bones. The histology lab equipped enough with microscopes and histology slides of all the body systems for all students. The lab has appropriate audio-visual aids and display screens for teaching.


  1. Our sole mission is to provide a strong foundation for new MBBS entrants by teaching basic sciences and provide a comprehensive knowledge of the gross and microscopic structure and development of human body. We also aim to provide a basis for better understanding of the anatomical structure, various clinical problems and disease presentations
  2. To train MBBS students for highest educational standards.
  3. To inculcate Research attitude in UG students and faculty members.


  1. Introducing and conducting PG and post doctoral courses
  2. Establishing
  3. Molecular Genetic lab- molecular and FISH technique
  4. Virtual Anatomy Museum
  5. Clinical Anatomy Museum
  6. Prenatal, Neonatal & Pediatric Anatomy museum
  7. Electron Microscopy
  8. Spreading awareness regarding body donation & organ donation which can be used for teaching purposes of MBBS and other medical fields
  9. Retrieval of bones- Bone Bank
  10. To conduct and facilitate research facilities at all levels
  11. Plan to conduct conferences at various levels.


Demonstration Room - Two demonstration rooms fitted with strip chairs

-Multimedia Projector, Slide Projector, LED screen, Video and other audio-visual aids.

Dissection Hall – The dissection hall is equipped with adequate teaching aids, 180 stainless steel, big and small dissecting tables & comfortable stainless steel stools.

It is provided with movie camera, screen and other audio-visual aids. Properly ventilated and well lit dissection hall with exhaust fans and air-conditioners. Two ante-room for students with lockers and wash basins facilities.

The embalming room has enough space, properly lit and ventilated with latest equipments.

The cold storage room has deep freezer to preserve enough dead bodies.

Three cadaver tanks are of stainless steel with inbuilt inlet and outlet. All the three rooms are properly tiled, lit and ventilated with provision for sinks for the facility of Dissection hall attendants.

Histology - There is a Histology Laboratory with marbled table tops fitted with water taps, sinks electric points and cupboards for microscope storage for students. There is a proper preparation room for technicians and storage of equipment.

Research - There is a well equipped research laboratory which will be used for research purposes.

Museum – Museum is divided into various sections. In specimen section- more than 150 wet and dry specimens, 160 models both adult in separate section and embryological in embryological section are displayed on racks and shelves. Imaging section is stocked with LED view boxes for various skia grams, CT scans, MRI and HSG films. There is adequate seating arrangement for students to study in the museum. Two preparation rooms are attached for artists and modelers with good infrastructure and storage for preparing new specimens and models.

Departmental Library - library-cum-seminar room is stocked with over 90 books of more than 30 authors and various national and international journals. E- library contains DVDs and CDs for teaching and reference for faculty and students. It has enough seating space, properly ventilated and well equipped with storage facilities.