According to National Mental Health Survey, life time prevalence of mental disorders is 13.7% and one in 20 Indians suffer from depression. The department provides excellent services in the field of mental health. It deals with the study of pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders. It provides both inpatient and outpatient care for a range of complex and chronic psychotic disorders, substance abuse, depression, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, autism and intellectual disability. The expert faculty strives to identify social, economic, environmental, biological and emotional determinants of mental health and give diagnostics, therapeutics, rehabilitative and preventive measures to provide holistic care to the patients. They are skillfully supported by a team of highly experienced nursing staff. 24X7 emergency service is ensured at all times. The department also provides consultation liaison to other departments of the hospital.

Community outreach is one of the department’s commitments to the people of Haryana. It is serving the poor and downtrodden in the region.

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