Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a preclinical subject in MBBS. The goal of teaching Biochemistry to the I MBBS students is to make them understand the scientific basis of the life processes at the molecular level and to orient them towards the application of the knowledge acquired in solving clinical problems. The knowledge acquired should help the students to integrate molecular events with structure and function of the human body in health and disease.

The department has a fully equipped laboratory spacious enough to accommodate more than 90 students. In addition, it has one demonstration room which can accommodate 75 students and is equipped with audiovisual aids like L.C.D. Projector. Department has one library, an office and one non teaching staff room. It also has computer facilities to maintain departmental record, prepare lecture slides and demonstrate audiovisual CDs.

This department strives to achieve excellence in the fields of medical education and diagnostics by providing holistic education and research in the field of clinical chemistry, compassion for the patients with an ultimate aim to fulfill the mission of the college.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the department is to impart holistic teaching to undergraduate students to make them understand the scientific basis of the life processes at the molecular level and delivering accurate investigation reports for clinical interpretation of diseases by ensuring the highest standards of Quality control and to inculcate interest in students for research.



                                      Practical Class Room

                                              Research Lab

                                            Practical Class Room

                                              Practical Class Room

                                            Research Lab




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Investigations and Patient Care

With the development of Clinical Biochemistry, the importance of the department in diagnosis and prognosis became well established. It caters to the biochemical investigations of the entire hospital in-patients as well as out-patients.
The Clinical Chemistry wing of the Department started as a small section of a basic Clinical Pathology Laboratory in 2014. It has grown over the years and is currently a full-fledged independent department. It works 24x7x365 and is equipped with modern sophisticated analysers. The Department performs a wide range of routine and specialized tests in the field of endocrinology and clinical enzymology. It has a highly experienced and accomplished staff. The Dept has adopted the philosophy of Total Quality Management of the investigations by streamlining all the processes and systems to achieve clientele satisfaction.

(a) Collection of specimens: The department maintains out-patient specimen collection center, manned by the departmental staff. Apart from OPD collection, there is a separate collection center for in-door patient. 

(b)   Pre-analytical sample sorting and serum separation for all the blood samples.

(c)   Analysis and reporting of the investigations.

(d)   Ward & OPD wise sorting and making of reports of respective wards and out-patient departments.