The department is composed of highly qualified and experienced radiologists who specialize in acquiring and interpreting images for specific parts of the body or specific diseases. We hone our clinical skills by collaborating with our clinical colleagues to review patient care and sharing clinical expertise through interdisciplinary conferences. Our expert radiologists work with highly trained technicians and nursing staff to provide personalized imaging for our patients. We are committed to quality service and patient safety.

We offer comprehensive, diagnostic radiology and image-guided interventional services. We have all conventional X- Ray facilities along with contrast and barium. We have USG machines which provide ante natal, emergency facilities and Color Doppler. USG guided FNAC and fluid tapping procedures are being carried out routinely in the department.

Our faculty members are nationally recognized leaders in patient care and medical research, specializing in a wide variety of technologies and applications, both diagnostic and therapeutic. We are dedicated to continually improving our patients’ quality of life while expanding the boundaries of medicine through research.


We continue with our tradition of providing excellent clinical imaging and intervention as well as the finest educational experience. We are particularly enthusiastic about the potential for our department to grow into one of the premiere institute in the country.

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