Graduation Courses Approvals:- MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

1.    (5th Batch 150 seats)      

      Forth Renewal of Permission for MBBS Course for 5th Batch Academic year 2023-2024

  2.  (4th Batch 150 seats)   

        Third Renewal of Permission for MBBS Course for 4th Batch Academic year 2022-2023

  3.  (3rd Batch 150 seats)   

       Second Renewal Permission for MBBS 3rd Batch Academic year 2021-2022 

 4.  (2nd Batch 150 seats) 

        First Renewal  Permission for MBBS 2nd Batch Academic year 2020-2021 

   5.  (1st Batch 150 seats)   

         Letter of Permission for MBBS 1st  Batch Academic year 2019-2020 



Post Graduation Courses :- MD(Doctor of Medicine)/MS(Master of Surgery)

1. MD Anatomy Letter of Permission for MD Anatomy 

2. MD Anesthesiology  Letter of Permission for MD Anesthesiology 

3. MD Dermatology Venerology and Leprosy Letter of Permission for MD Dermatology Venerology and Leprosy 

4. MD Pathology Letter of Permission for MD Pathology 

5. MD Community Medicine Letter of Permission for MD Community Medicine 

6. Obstetrics & Gynaecology  Letter of Permission for MD Obstetrics & Gynaecology 

7. MD Microbiology  Letter of Permission for MD Microbiology 

8. MD General Medicine Letter of Permission for MD General Medicine

9. MD Biochemistry  Letter of Permission for MD Biochemistry

10. MD Physiology Letter of Permission for MD Physiology

11. MD Peadiatrics  Letter of Permission for MD Peadiatrics