College Council Committee

1 Prof. (Maj.Gen.) P. K. Singh  
2 All Heads of departments  
3 Prof. Lakhiram Murmu,  
4 Medical Superintendant  
  Anti Ragging Committee  
1 Prof. (Maj. Gen.) P.K. Singh,Principal  Chairman
2 HoD, Pharmacology         Member
3 HoD Anatomy                        Member
4 HoD Pathology                  Member
5 Dr.Tabassum Bano, Associate Prof.,OBG Member/Secy.


Medical Education Unit Committee

1  Dr. (Maj. Gen.) P.K. Singh,Principal      Chairman
2  Dr. Archana Sharma.Deptt. of Microbiology        Member
3  Dr. (Brig) Vinod Raghav, Prof. Pathology  Member
4  Dr. (Brig) Sunil Takiar,Deptt. of OBG.  Member
5  Dr. Gagandeep, Prof. Deptt. of Medicine.  Member
6  Dr. Neeta Chhabra,  Prof. Deptt. of Anatomy Member
7  Dr. Ajay Verma,Associate Prof.,Deptt.of Surgery Member
8  Dr. Tabassum Bano,Associate Prof., OBG.    Member
9  Dr. Ashraf Ali Khan,Associate Prof. Deptt. of BioChemistry.       Member
10   Dr. Arif Viqar, prof. Deptt. of Forensic Medicine. Member
  Sexual Harassment Committee  
1 Prof. Molly Madan Chairperson
2 Prof. Vinod Raghav,Head, Pathology:Member Member
3 Dr. Archana Sharma ,Prof., Deptt. of Microbiology Member
4 Dr. Tabbasum Bano,Associate Prof., OBG.  Member
5 Dr. Seema Nigam,Tutor, Physiology  Member
  Grievance Redressal Committee  
1 Prof. (Maj. Gen.) P. K. Singh,Principal Chairperson
2 Dr. Vinod Kapoor,Deptt. of Pharmacology Member
3 Prof. Vinod Raghav,Deptt. of Path. Member
4 Dr.Ashraf Ali Khan,Prof. Biochemistry Member
5 Medical Superintendant  Member/Secy.
  Pharmaco Vigilance Committee  
1 Maj. Gen. (Dr.) P. K. Singh,Principal  Chairperson
2 HoD Pharmacology    Member
3 HOD Forensic Medicine Member
4 HoD. Pathology Member
5 HoD Medicine   Member
6 HoD Surgery   Member
7 Medical Superintendant Member/Secy.
  Hospital Infection Control Committee Chairperson
1 HoD, Microbiology     Member
2 HoD, HOD Gynae  Member
3 HoD, Surgery  Member
4 HoD, Medicine   Member
5 Medical Suptdt.  Member
  Review Committee on Pathological Autopsies/Mortality and Morbidity  
1 HoD, Pathology  Member
2 HoD Surgery  Member
3 HoD, Medicine Member
4 Dr. Tabassum Bano,Associate Prof.,OBG Member